Create a green checkmark facebook avatar image Online

Create a green checkmark facebook avatar image Online

You are not a celebrity, so it is very difficult to get a green mark for Facebook. However, you can easily create a “fake green avatar” or an avatar with a red flag with a yellow star of Vietnam easily to decorate your facebook to look more prestigious, more attractive and more unique with this tool. This green checkered avatar image generator can help you:

Create a green Facebook avatar image in the form of a round or square image
12 styles to choose from, including: 6 square and 6 round images
The ticks include: light green tick, dark green tick, twitter petal green tick, shield green tick, youtube red tick, Vietnam yellow star red flag icon.


Step 1: Choose the type of avatar you want
Step 2:  Upload your avatar image, align and then click  “Create image” to complete.

Note:  To reduce the space when uploading your avatar to Facebook, you should choose the type of avatar without rounding, when uploading to Facebook, it will round itself for you.

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